You get a few males together, you’ll have yourself a war.

A poisoned water reserve plagues the decrepit post-War town of Minston. There is little commerce and few ties to the outside western world. Subsequently, a tyrannical leader has emerged, implementing a twisted system of violent justice to help rid the town of worldly vices. Minston’s inhabitants are economically hopeless, fearful of moral reproach, and constantly on guard for the threat of a foreign attack. They are subjected to frequent air raid drills and a fear-mongering radio personality featured on the town’s only AM radio station.

Donnie, a temperamental farmhand, has become numb to the state of his town, focusing solely on raising his teenage sister and tending to his mother, Bab, who has spent the last decade in the Minston Mind Rehabilitation Center. As Bab’s mental health continues to decline in this failing medical facility, Donnie becomes more desperate for reprieve.

Milt, a mysterious traveler, takes note of Donnie’s compromised family situation and physical abilities and propositions him to help take down the town’s crooked leader. In exchange, he promises to move Bab into a cutting-edge mental facility far from Minston.

Donnie is skeptical, but after the crooked hand of Minston justice comes down on someone close to him, Donnie reluctantly agrees. As Donnie submits to Milt’s unorthodox training methods, he begins to question the motives behind this plan. Meanwhile Milt and his tactical lover push forward with their agenda, immune to the potential cost of their actions.